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 The Original Website Kalamazoo Strong Organization was started after a mass shooting tragedy struck its wonderful city. It created a 2/20 Fund in which funding raised for the victims of the awful crime. We do not take donations and are website that offers helpful information only.

The role of NGOs in disaster events


— Planning

 plan projects to target the areas that need  support at the earliest and slowly move to the other areas as number of volunteers grow.


— World Revenue

 worldwide community who help with projects and  go to the disaster struck environments to provide help and care.


— NGO Assistance

NGO, which is focused on supplying the right help and facilities to the areas that need  help. Volunteers are always ready to face any challenges without fear.


— Insurance Coverage

Support Victims of natural disasters in getting their insurance coverages while also referring people to the right disaster insurance agencies


— The Stafford Act

 the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (Stafford Act) of 1988. 


— Recovery Services

Learn more about recovery services is the list of services that organisations provide. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding any services we can recommend. 

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Best Health and Fitness Charities Uk


Being able to give something back and donating to charity is something we all strive to do. It is nice to have a charity that is close to your heart, and if you enjoy health and fitness, you may find that these charities are perfect for you. Based in the UK, these charities are all designed to support health and fitness, no matter whether you have disabilities, limitations, or are fit and healthy but from a difficult background.


UK Active


Uk Active was set up to improve the health of the UK and is designed to help get people more active more frequently. They provide a range of services and have partnerships for a broad range of organisations and industry’s for example personal training in London . The charity works with other people who share their vision and can help them achieve the goal they have set out. There are over 4000 members and partners in the private, public, and third sectors. With projects suitable for adults and children, they are always looking for volunteers to help as well as seeking out those who need their service is. You could volunteer to run a walking group, or volunteer for many other roles if you have time to help them.


Active Nation


With 15 sports and exercise locations dotted around the UK and partnering with five different local authorities, Active Nation is designed to deliver a variety of innovative sports and exercise programmes. They work with all ages and all abilities and cover a wide variety of sports including racquet sports, gym sessions, swimming, paddle sports and many more. The charity also has a regional activity hub which is also their main location. With many different programmes for adults and children the charity really is committed to helping everyone access sports and activities. They have been designed to try and motivate and excite the nation about sport and exercise and educate on the positive effects of health by being more active. Again, you can support them with financial donations or by volunteering your time to help with any of their projects that might be taking place in your area.




Mind is one of the largest mental health charities in the UK. With a proven link between mental health and exercise, they are also in the mix as being one of the best fitness charities you can support. They have partnered with the second biggest gym provider in the UK, Anytime Fitness in order to make sure that people can access facilities and take advantage of the synergy of physical and mental health. There are 160 gyms throughout the UK, and mind has a physical activity programme specifically designed four people who may have mental health problems so that they can become more active. Raising the awareness of the link between exercise and better mental health is something they are deeply committed to. They will also be hosting many different mental health awareness events throughout the year full stop whether you can support them financially or volunteer your time they will be very pleased to hear from you






Since its inception in 2013, the Mass Shootings Tracker website reports that there have been more than 1000 cases reported all over the USA. Mass shootings have become more and more common in the last decade and are becoming a major concern for the people of the USA.

However it is evident that once a mass shooting occurs, the law enforcement agency is supposed to apprehend and arrest the perpetrator of the crime. Only when the area is secure or is deemed secure by the law enforcement agency available at the time will there be any medical aid given to the victim. Emergency doctors and nurses can potentially help these victims but civilians standing nearby and even people who are affected by the event can help those in need at that time without prior medical training.


How Bystanders Can Help

Bleeding is the one of the most profound ways to die in a mass shooting event. Bleeding out at a mass shooting event usually takes about 6 to 8 minutes and therefore medical aid at that time is very crucial for the survival of the victim. According to Jeffrey Kerby, a surgeon at the University of Alabama, emergency medical services may be a bit too late to help the people involved and therefore bystanders support is very crucial in helping those at the scene.


Life threatening bleeding involves pulling out of blood from a wound, bleeding from an unconscious person, partial or total loss of a limb, etc. If no other medical supplies are available, cover the wound with cloth, and if that does not seem to work, add more layers to pack the wound. If a trauma kit is available, try to tie a tourniquet over the wound. This can potentially help the person from losing a limb. Sometimes, it can be very painful to the person but it is essential that you try to do so anyway because it is very useful for the patient.


How EMS Can Help


EMS Help

Emergency medical services have different protocols on what is to be done based on the severity of the situation. Most of the EMS crews respond with START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) while some others respond with SALT (Sort, Assess, Lifesaving Intervention, Treatment/Transport). However even though there are so many protocols for helping the victims it becomes apparent that the timely response of an EMS team is most crucial in any mass shooting event and is more effective than any number of late triage operations.


There is no single definition to what a mass shooting actually is. However, we do know that it takes a lot of lives in the United States. Mass shootings can be therefore defined as incidents involving incited firearm activity, the product of which are multiple casualties, loss of human life and damage to property. It is a heinous crime of the first order and must be prevented at all costs.


A non-profit research group by the name of ‘Gun Violence Archive’ has been actively tracking, analysing and archiving mass shootings and their characteristics in the United States. They define mass shootings as “four or more people excluding the perpetrator of the crime being shot in one location at roughly the same time”. The Congressional Research Service narrows down its definition to limiting it to just public mass shootings, and excluding the lives of wounded survivors of the same. Here are just some of the most horrible incidents that occurred in 2020, and the number of mass shootings has crossed 131 as of May 19th, 2020. There have been 28 such incidents in January, 28 in February, 26 in March and 27 in April, and the number keeps up, with 12 cases already having occurred.


January 1, 2020

Four incidents occurred on this day. One occurred in Puerto Rico, in the city of Trujillo Alto, where a family of 4 were killed and a sixteen year old boy was seriously injured. Even though no one was killed, 7 people were injured in a mass shooting in Huntington, West Virginia. A similar incident took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and even though 3 people were injured, and one shot, there were no deaths reported. However, 3 people from St Louis, Missouri didn’t have that sort of luck. They were killed and one seriously injured in the Benton Park area.


January 26, 2020

Reported Shooting

There were 4 killings on the 26th of January as well. 4 people were injured and 3 fatally shot in Hartsville, South Carolina. Though not fatal, 5 people in Cape Girardeu, Missouri and 6 people from Salisbury, North Carolina were injured in gun related violence. Even though the suspect was apprehended, four family members were shot in their home and three died on the spot, survived by a child of the family at Newburgh, New York.

February 26, 2020

Milwaukee Wisconsin witnessed the only gun violence incident on that day in the whole of America but six people were killed on that day. The gunman later reportedly committed suicide.

committed suicide.


These are just some of the incidents that took place in the course of 2020. Even in the midst of global pandemic it has become apparent that people are still willing to kill each other and not value life instead. Before giving education to a student, it is important that a student learns how to value life, and how to respect it instead of just getting straight A’s every semester. Just as a hindsight, most of the terrorists in the world are very educated people, and so it is clear that education has nothing to do with this.






Kalamazoo is a city in Michigan USA famous for checker cabs, Gibson guitars, the house of the United States tennis championship for boys 18 and 16 for the past 60 years etc. However, the city became famous for another reason, a much less appreciated one. Kalamazoo became witness to a gruesome gun violence incident that shook the entirety of the USA. It took place on February 20, 2016 and was marked as the 42nd mass shooting incident of that year.


What Happened?

The perpetrator of the violence was identified as Jason Brian Dalton, a 45 year old Uber driver. Several hours before the incident took place, Dalton was reported with a friend at a local gun Store where he purchased a firearm and a jacket that could conceal one. His friend later said that he appeared to be a lot quieter than usual during their trip. The store owner said that he was an occasional customer, but never before had bought a firearm. On February 20, 2016, Dalton picked up a customer at around 4:21 p.m. who had called for the cab at around 4:00 p.m. But Dalton received a phone call while driving and after finishing it, started to drive like a maniac. Even though the passenger had asked him to stop, he continued driving in an insane fashion, ignoring a stop sign, driving over a median strip and even entering the wrong side of the road. The customer, named Matt Mellen, had finally convinced Dalton to stop the car and after jumping out immediately called 911. Mellen also gave the authorities the name of the car Dalton was driving, the licence plate number and dispatcher information shortly after which a lookout notice was issued for Dalton’s vehicle.

After that Dalton shot a woman at about 5:42 p.m. on the same day at the Richmond township. By playing dead, she helped the five children who were present at the crime scene from getting shot. After that, Dalton was seen bi a traffic camera crossing a red light. This was approximately 1 minute after the shooting. He then went home to his wife and kids and took his wife’s car after handing her a Taurus handgun.

His next victim was a young man and an old man who were at a Kia dealership with him. The third shooting took place at the Cracker Barrel restaurant at the Texas township where four people were shot dead by Dalton and two others injured.

Even though at first Dalton brought in a legal insanity defence, he later confessed to the crime 2 years later on on January 7, 2017 and he was charged with first degree murder.



Impact Stories Of Volunteers

The National Disaster Inter-faiths Network

I want to thank the entire team of volunteers who are with my family when the hurricane destroyed our entire region. Our society found the right support to get everything back and to run, and I am grateful for their service on behalf of my entire neighbourhood.