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The goal of the Website

Help Those In Need

​There are many opportunities to help in your area. If you are looking to volunteer or donate we can help you find information on were to offer your help. Volunteer today!

Build Up Our City

Inspire members in the community to make a difference and to ignite change.

Hope For Healing

Support and enhance our community with information. 


 The Original Website Kalamazoo Strong Organization was started after a mass shooting tragedy struck its wonderful city. It created a 2/20 Fund in which funding raised for the victims of the awful crime. We do not take donations and are website that offers helpful information only.

The role of NGOs in disaster events


— Planning

 plan projects to target the areas that need  support at the earliest and slowly move to the other areas as number of volunteers grow.


— World Revenue

 worldwide community who help with projects and  go to the disaster struck environments to provide help and care.


— NGO Assistance

NGO, which is focused on supplying the right help and facilities to the areas that need  help. Volunteers are always ready to face any challenges without fear.


— Insurance Coverage

Support Victims of natural disasters in getting their insurance coverages while also referring people to the right disaster insurance agencies


— The Stafford Act

 the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (Stafford Act) of 1988. 


— Recovery Services

Learn more about recovery services is the list of services that organisations provide. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding any services we can recommend. 

From Our Blog

Impact Stories Of Volunteers

The National Disaster Inter-faiths Network

I want to thank the entire team of volunteers who are with my family when the hurricane destroyed our entire region. Our society found the right support to get everything back and to run, and I am grateful for their service on behalf of my entire neighbourhood.