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Best Health and Fitness Charities Uk


Being able to give something back and donating to charity is something we all strive to do. It is nice to have a charity that is close to your heart, and if you enjoy health and fitness, you may find that these charities are perfect for you. Based in the UK, these charities are all designed to support health and fitness, no matter whether you have disabilities, limitations, or are fit and healthy but from a difficult background.


UK Active


Uk Active was set up to improve the health of the UK and is designed to help get people more active more frequently. They provide a range of services and have partnerships for a broad range of organisations and industry’s for example personal training in London . The charity works with other people who share their vision and can help them achieve the goal they have set out. There are over 4000 members and partners in the private, public, and third sectors. With projects suitable for adults and children, they are always looking for volunteers to help as well as seeking out those who need their service is. You could volunteer to run a walking group, or volunteer for many other roles if you have time to help them.


Active Nation


With 15 sports and exercise locations dotted around the UK and partnering with five different local authorities, Active Nation is designed to deliver a variety of innovative sports and exercise programmes. They work with all ages and all abilities and cover a wide variety of sports including racquet sports, gym sessions, swimming, paddle sports and many more. The charity also has a regional activity hub which is also their main location. With many different programmes for adults and children the charity really is committed to helping everyone access sports and activities. They have been designed to try and motivate and excite the nation about sport and exercise and educate on the positive effects of health by being more active. Again, you can support them with financial donations or by volunteering your time to help with any of their projects that might be taking place in your area.




Mind is one of the largest mental health charities in the UK. With a proven link between mental health and exercise, they are also in the mix as being one of the best fitness charities you can support. They have partnered with the second biggest gym provider in the UK, Anytime Fitness in order to make sure that people can access facilities and take advantage of the synergy of physical and mental health. There are 160 gyms throughout the UK, and mind has a physical activity programme specifically designed four people who may have mental health problems so that they can become more active. Raising the awareness of the link between exercise and better mental health is something they are deeply committed to. They will also be hosting many different mental health awareness events throughout the year full stop whether you can support them financially or volunteer your time they will be very pleased to hear from you





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