Mass shooting


There is no single definition to what a mass shooting actually is. However, we do know that it takes a lot of lives in the United States. Mass shootings can be therefore defined as incidents involving incited firearm activity, the product of which are multiple casualties, loss of human life and damage to property. It is a heinous crime of the first order and must be prevented at all costs.


A non-profit research group by the name of ‘Gun Violence Archive’ has been actively tracking, analysing and archiving mass shootings and their characteristics in the United States. They define mass shootings as “four or more people excluding the perpetrator of the crime being shot in one location at roughly the same time”. The Congressional Research Service narrows down its definition to limiting it to just public mass shootings, and excluding the lives of wounded survivors of the same. Here are just some of the most horrible incidents that occurred in 2020, and the number of mass shootings has crossed 131 as of May 19th, 2020. There have been 28 such incidents in January, 28 in February, 26 in March and 27 in April, and the number keeps up, with 12 cases already having occurred.


January 1, 2020

Four incidents occurred on this day. One occurred in Puerto Rico, in the city of Trujillo Alto, where a family of 4 were killed and a sixteen year old boy was seriously injured. Even though no one was killed, 7 people were injured in a mass shooting in Huntington, West Virginia. A similar incident took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and even though 3 people were injured, and one shot, there were no deaths reported. However, 3 people from St Louis, Missouri didn’t have that sort of luck. They were killed and one seriously injured in the Benton Park area.


January 26, 2020

Reported Shooting

There were 4 killings on the 26th of January as well. 4 people were injured and 3 fatally shot in Hartsville, South Carolina. Though not fatal, 5 people in Cape Girardeu, Missouri and 6 people from Salisbury, North Carolina were injured in gun related violence. Even though the suspect was apprehended, four family members were shot in their home and three died on the spot, survived by a child of the family at Newburgh, New York.

February 26, 2020

Milwaukee Wisconsin witnessed the only gun violence incident on that day in the whole of America but six people were killed on that day. The gunman later reportedly committed suicide.

committed suicide.


These are just some of the incidents that took place in the course of 2020. Even in the midst of global pandemic it has become apparent that people are still willing to kill each other and not value life instead. Before giving education to a student, it is important that a student learns how to value life, and how to respect it instead of just getting straight A’s every semester. Just as a hindsight, most of the terrorists in the world are very educated people, and so it is clear that education has nothing to do with this.





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